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Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars, normally come in late teens or early 20’s.  If properly aligned and erupted, they would be a great asset to have.  More frequently, they are not, requiring them to be extracted.

Since wisdom teeth are the last molars to develop, usually there is not enough room for them.  This causes them to form/erupt in irregular angles/positions.  Partially erupted wisdom teeth can create bacteria traps underneath the gums which can cause infection and pain.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth when fully erupted can be easily removed like any other teeth.  Sometimes, they may never erupt which means they are impacted either underneath the gums or inside the jaw bone.  In this case, they would have to be surgically removed.

Extracting wisdom teeth at a younger age is less difficult as the roots may not have fully developed and bone is less dense.  Since adult bone is denser, they may feel more pain and recovery time may be longer.

At Davis Dental Care in Newmarket, our dentists have many years of experience in wisdom teeth removal.  We also have many sedation methods to ensure patient comfort.  It is recommended to have a pre-extraction examination in which a panoramic x-ray is taken for proper diagnosis.