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From a young age, we were told to brush and floss our teeth daily.  It is important to floss before bedtime and brush for two minutes.  The first step to maintaining optimal oral hygiene is incorporating this into our daily routine.  The second step is to make sure we have the proper brushing & flossing techniques!


Changing the angulation of your toothbrush is one of the easiest but most effective ways to get squeaky clean teeth.

As you can see in the photo, place the toothbrush head about 45⁰ towards the gumline while you brush back and forth.  This massages the gums and gets rid of any bacteria/plaque trapped in the tiny socket between the tooth and gums.


There are different ways to floss, but the most common types of floss are the regular string floss and floss picks.  Either one works well with proper technique and consistency.

When flossing, it is important to avoid snapping the floss into the gums, but gently slide back and forth until the floss has passed through the contacts of the teeth; this will avoid trauma to the gums.  Second, wrap the floss around the contours of the tooth like a “C” shape and slide up and down to clean underneath the gums.


Once these brushing & flossing techniques are applied to your daily oral hygiene routine, you will have noticeable results!  Don’t be shy to stop by our Newmarket dental office for personal tips and demonstrations!