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When it comes to getting a beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment, you mainly have two options – metallic braces and Invisalign aligners. For many people, choosing between these two is not an easy decision. There are so many factors to consider like the cost, duration of treatment, comfort etc. Thus, if you’re also confused between choosing the right option for your orthodontic treatment, then this article provides everything you need to know about braces and Invisalign aligners, and to help you make an informed decision.

What are Braces and Invisalign Aligners?

Before we compare both these treatment options, it is best that you learn the basics of fixed braces and Invisalign aligners:

  • Fixed Braces – Dental braces, or brackets, are orthodontic appliances which are made from metal alloys. They are attached to the front surface of each tooth by using adhesive cement. Each tooth bracket contains a small slot through which a metal wire passes and encircles all the teeth. This wire is attached to each bracket by using coloured elastic rubber bands. The function of the archwires is to generate a force which moves the teeth in the desired direction. As the treatment progresses, dentists use wires with larger gauges and different alloys to achieve the desired results. Once the teeth have been aligned, your orthodontist will give you a removable or fixed retainer to consolidate the treatment and prevent the teeth from moving back.
  • Invisalign Clear Aligners – Unlike metal braces, Invisalign orthodontic system uses removable aligners made from a special transparent resin. This system is based on multiple sets of upper and lower aligners. You will have to wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, and at least 22 hours each day. The aligners are designed by using the CAD-CAM technology in such a way they exert forces on your teeth and move them in the desired direction. Once the desired results have been achieved, your dentist will give a retainer, like braces, to prevent relapse of treatment.

Braces Vs Invisalign Aligners

While both braces and Invisalign aligners are used for straightening teeth, each of them has its own pros and cons. Now that we know what braces and Invisalign aligners are, let’s look at the differences and similarities between the braces and Invisalign:

The Cost

Whether you choose metal braces or Invisalign, the cost of your treatment will depend upon the severity of your condition. Treatment with fixed braces generally costs between $ 1800 – 5500 for mild to severe cases respectively.

Similarly, the cost of treatment for a moderately severe case of tooth misalignment with Invisalign is about $5000 – $6000. Again, it depends on the severity of your condition. The cost of treatment may go up if additional surgical procedures need to be performed before orthodontic treatment.


If you’re concerned about your facial esthetics during orthodontic treatment, then you should choose the Invisalign aligners. This is because these aligners are made from a special transparent material and are not visible whenever you smile or speak. On the other hand, the metallic braces are highly conspicuous and are therefore visible every time you open your mouth. This is the reason why many people nowadays prefer Invisalign aligners for orthodontic treatment, as they are virtually invisible.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of treatment required for correcting an orthodontic problem depends on the severity of the condition. The more complex a case is, the longer it will take to complete. Generally, treatment with dental braces is usually completed within 2 years. However, less complex cases may even be completed within 6-8 months. In the case of Invisalign, the aligners need to be worn for 22-24 hours each day for about 6 to 18 months, depending on the severity of the problem.

Range of Treatment

One of the most significant advantages of metal braces is that they are suitable for the treatment of even the most complicated orthodontic problems. When it comes to the Invisalign aligners, their range of treatment is slightly limited. The Invisalign aligners are indicated for the treatment of mild to moderately severe orthodontic problems. Therefore, dentists often prefer braces when they need to treat very complex cases.


While you’re undergoing treatment with braces, you have limited dietary options. Dentists advise that people who are undergoing treatment with braces should not eat hard or sticky foods as they can dislodge the brackets. Besides, braces wearers should also avoid fizzy drinks as the acid in these beverages can dissolve the bond between the tooth and the brackets. On the other hand, you can enjoy all your favourite foods with Invisalign. Simply remove the aligners while eating and when you’re done, just rinse them in lukewarm water and wear them back!

Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Oral hygiene maintenance and dental care become quite difficult with braces. This is because food tends to get stuck within the brackets and a toothbrush cannot clean the teeth completely. As a result, there are higher chances of development of teeth cavities and gum problems with fixed braces. In the case of Invisalign, you can just remove the aligners before brushing your teeth or after eating anything. Therefore, you can easily maintain optimal oral hygiene with Invisalign aligners.

Follow Up Visits

When it comes orthodontic treatment with braces, frequent visits to the orthodontist are required for changing wires, adjustments etc. In some cases, you may need to visit the dentist every month, or even after every two weeks, if required. On the other, your dentist will give you all the sets of aligners which you can just switch to the new set of aligners after two weeks within the comfort of your own home. Depending on your treatment need, you may need to see your dentists after 1-2 months.

Both braces and Invisalign aligners are excellent options for correcting tooth misalignment. However, both have their own merits and demerits. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a treatment option which provides long-lasting aesthetic results in reasonable time. Your dentist can help you in selecting the best treatment option for you while considering your treatment needs, esthetic requirements and budgetary constraints. Visit your dentist today and take the first step towards enjoying a beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment.

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